OpenID is service that allows you to log-on to many different websites using a single indentity. Gulliway is a rich source of travel information. Be informed. Keep others updated. To travel is to live! Some neighbourhoods of these communes have become in practice a part of the urban area of Bassano, so that the population of the whole conurbation totals around 70, people. The artist Jacopo Bassano was born, worked, and died in Bassano, and took the town name as his own surname.

The city was founded in the 2nd century BC by a Roman called Bassianus, whence the name, as an agricultural estate. However, an ancient bronze sword called "spada di Riccardo"found in and dating back to the 7th century BC, possibly between the 18th and 15th century BC, suggests that the area of Bassano was already inhabited not just in the pre-Roman period, but possibly even in the pre-Venetic period, as confirmed by some artifacts found in a necropolis located in the neighbourhood of San Giorgio di Angarano.

The first news of the existence of the medieval city dates fromwhile the castle is mentioned first in In Bassano was conquered by Vicenzabut the city maintained a semi-autonomous status as a free comune in the 13th century also, when it was home to the family of the Ezzelini, who first unified the various territories of Veneto.

InBassano became a part of the Stato da Tera 'Mainland State' of the Venetian Republic, which granted the Bassanese district the status of autonomous podestaria it.

In addition to this, Valstagna and Campese then belonging to Vicenza and the Seven Communes and Romano and Mussolente then belonging to Treviso had strong commercial and political ties with the district as they were located very close to Bassano and its port on the river Brenta connected with Venice.

the village of bortignoni i, municipality of romano dezzelino (vi

The Serenissima did not alter the town's magistratures, limiting itself to impose a Captain chosen by the Venetian Senate. The city became home to a flourishing industry producing wool, silk, iron and copper, and mainly for ceramics; in the 18th became especially famous in all Europe for the presence of the Remondini printer company[1].

In it was included in the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia, and became part of the unified Kingdom of Italy in Napoleon Bonaparte remained in Bassano del Grappa for many months.

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The original name of the town was Bassano Veneto. After the terrible battles on Mount Grappa in World War I, where thousands of soldiers lost their lives, a decision was made to change the name of the town. Inthe name was changed to Bassano del Grappa, meaning Bassano of Mount Grappa, as a memorial to the soldiers killed. Ernest Hemingway during his days as an ambulance driver in the war spent many days in Bassano and eventually settled there as part of A Farewell to Arms.

The symbol of the town is the covered wooden pontoon bridge, which was designed by the architect Andrea Palladio in The bridge was destroyed many times, the last time during World War II.

The Alpine soldiers, or Alpini have always revered the wooden bridge and Bassano del Grappa. After the destruction of the bridge, they took up a private collection and had the bridge completely rebuilt.

Often soldiers flock to the bridge to remember and sing songs from their days as alpine soldiers. The grappa shop of Nardini Distillery is located on the bridge, known as Ponte degli Alpini.

Bassano del Grappa is also the long residence town of Renzo Rosso, the founder and President of Diesel. Since Diesel began to expand in the mids, the company has become an important source of business for the city and its surrounding region.Province : Vicenza. Distance from the chief town Vicenza : 37 chilometri. Inhabitants : 43, Istat Denomination : Bassanesi. In the previos day there were 2, cases, thus having a variation of 1 casesi.

Please follow this link for updated information on Covid including new cases and percentage changes for the whole of Italy, regions and individual provinces.

Geographic data: Surface : 47,06 square kilometers. Height above sea level: meters. Height: 1. Altimetric difference: 1. Population and Statistical data: Population density: ,43 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Population on Families: Medium value of the components of a generic family: 2,61 people. Most recent data about Population: On January, 1 there where 43, inhabitants in Bassano del Grappa, 20, males and 22, females.

There where inhabitants less than one year old males and females and 30 inhabitants being one-hundred years old or more 6 males and 24 females.

the village of bortignoni i, municipality of romano dezzelino (vi

Foreign citizens: On January 1, were resident in Bassano del Grappa 4, foreign citizens, 2, of whom males and 2, females. On December 31 of the same year were resident in Bassano del Grappa 4, foreign citizens, 2, of whom males and 2, females, thus being the Workers: For the sake of simplicity we will us the term of Bassano del Grappa.

In Bassano del Grappa live thirty-eight thousand, two hundred and twenty-four people: eighteen thousand, one hundred and seventeen are males and twenty thousand, one hundred and seven are females.

There are sixteen thousand, nine hundred and thirty-eight singles eight thousand, six hundred and sixty-eight males and eight thousand, two hundred and seventy females. There are sixteen thousand and two people married, and eight hundred and sixty-three people legally separed.

There are also one thousand, two hundred and sixty-nine divorced people and three thousand, one hundred and fifty-two widows and widowers. In Bassano del Grappa live four thousand, three hundred and eighty-two foreigners, two thousand and thirty-seven are males and two thousand, three hundred and fourty-five are females. Age Males Females Total From 0 to 29 years From 30 to 54 years More than 54 years old There are in Bassano del Grappa thirty-six thousand, one hundred and thirty-five people in school age, seventeen thousand and thirty-six are males and nineteen thousand and ninety-nine females.Explore Romano d'Ezzelino.

Vacation Rentals. Things to Do. Travel Forums. Rental Cars. Vacation Packages. Province of Vicenza. Romano d'Ezzelino Romano d'Ezzelino. Start planning for Romano d'Ezzelino. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. Create a Trip. Essential Romano d'Ezzelino. Go Play. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. See all. Percorso trincee sul Massiccio del Grappa — localita Col Campeggia.

Museo dell'Auto Bonfanti Vimar. Valle Santa Felicita. Centro Acqua. Villa Cornaro. Pista Ciclabile Della Valsugana. Vieni a Volare. SPA Garden Relais. Go Rest. A mix of the charming, modern, and tried and true. Miramonti Hotel Mind of Vajradara is open like sky, free like bird and peaceful like clouds, and cool like moon and lucid like sun, stable like mountain and fluid like river!

Friday, 24 October My summer trip Finally I am in Rome after my summer trip to Nepal. The trip was good but also quite tiring.

Anyway, eventually all experiences are important and significant. This time I have spent a nice time with Mom, Dad and little brother at home. I think it has been very important to stay and sharing some time together with them as well as to observe their health conditions.

I've found that their health condition is changing every year and getting weaker. At that time I also noticed that I am also getting old with them too! I spent about three months at home in Tashiling Tibetan Village, Pokhara. This is the first time I had a vacation that lasted three months at home since I had left home for south of India, Tibetan Monastery Ganden in my age of 13 in ! Last year, I also stayed over two months at home with them as one of the longest period of vacation spent at home.

These moments were very important for both sides of us in order to learn more about the situation and to care their everyday life and their health conditions and to find out their needs for care and support.

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They have came through various difficulties since they have lived as refugees in Nepal for more than five decades. For the time being, their health conditions are relatively good and living with a life of much religious acts as most of the time devoted to the daily routine of prayers and practices.

While my time being there I made a short trip to Lumbini, birth place of Buddha. I also travelled with Dad, Mom and brother, and also our little dog Jimmy to Kathmandu for few days holiday.

Map of Romano d'Ezzelino

We visited some sacred places - Boudha Nath and Swyambu. It is just a brief report of this trip to Nepal. Much peace and happiness to all Thursday, 24 July How We Sleep. How We Sleep. Sleep is simply for sustaining the body for the benefit of all sentient beings, inherent to which is the intention of bodhicitta.

May I suggest that you sleep in the following position: use the right hand as a pillow under your cheek while lying on the right side of your body, which is said to be the correct position for humans.

Case in vendita a Romano d'ezzelino

It is said that the position of the deva is to lie on the back with the body facing upwards. When you sleep with the front of the body flat down that is the position of animals. When you sleep like a deva too much light envelops the body and when you sleep flat down on your body it leads to obscuration. If you sleep in a human position you have access to clear light.

It's best to face towards the north with your head eastwards. If your bed is not placed in the room to make this possible imagine yourself sleeping in the correct position. It is easy. The perfect human sleep position is adopted by lions that possess nobility in the hierarchy of beings.Bassano, sei grande!

Nasce Big Bassano, un semplice anagramma che diventa la sintesi di una maniera di essere: B e G stanno ovviamente per Bassano del Grappa, quella. In questo viaggio ci accompagnano delle guide speciali: voi lettori. Niente di meglio, per un ospite, che essere accolto dal padrone di casa.

2018 05 26 Monte Grappa Bike Day 2018

Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno creduto in questo progetto e hanno cominciato con noi questo cammino, grazie ai lettori, di oggi e di domani.

Introducing Big Bassano, a simple play on words that sums up a way of being where B and G obviously stand for Bassano del Grappa, and the them is the information this magazine is based on. A reality made of the peculiarities, specialities, traditions and cultures of a rich.

Big Bassano aims to mirror this beautiful, multi-faceted land. And to do so, it must be guided by you. Because there is little more a visitor can wish Foto di Cesare Gerolimetto.

Whether you live or vacation in Bassano or its surroundings, this magazine is for you; so we can all discover and enjoy the most beautiful, inviting aspects of its past and its future. Thank you, then, to everyone who believed in this project and began this journey with us, and to our present and future readers.

Welcome Big Bassano, welcome Alpini of Italy! A Bassano del Grappa batte da sempre un unico grande cuore alpino: viviamo con gioia, tutti insieme, un grande momento! It will be a legendary event, both for our city and the territory as. The Congregation will be a unique opportunity for everyone to share an important moment of togetherness, and I sincerely invite everyone to participate in it. Un lavoro minuzioso che parte da lontano, come spiega Casagrande.

In tre battaglie, tra il e ilsu questa cima centinaia di giovani diedero la loro vita per regalare alle generazioni successive un futuro di pace. Ma quante saranno? Foto di Carlo Perazzolo. But how many are there? Considerable numbers and, on closer inspection, the organisers of the big celebration will be anything but light-hearted.

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Palasport via dei Lotti. The lesson of the great architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe translates into theatre. Mozambico, Bosnia, Kosovo e Afganistan. Dal 3 maggio aperta a gruppi e scolaresche su prenotazione.What is romantic in our times? Mossy atriums and falling flowers? The great scenarios? We depart on this sentimental voyage from Vicenza's ancient heart.

The eye follows the spirals of the river, crosses ancient bridges, pauses on the palazzetti with their precious artistic inserts: this is the rione Barche where at one time the barges moored, as they headed from the sea and lagoons along the Bachiglione river.

We rediscover the echo of the Venice of the merchants in the flowery gothic of the windows and front doors, in the porticoes and galleries which once were stores, and in the shadowy vaults from which genuine voices still emerge. Here, sincea relic of Saint Valentinepatron of those in love, has been honoured with a nice feast. To tell the truth, the tradition of the Feast of S.

Valentine in Vicenza as been repeated for years and was transferred to the Basilica of Saints Felice and Fortunato following the deconsecration of the church of S.

Over 1, years have passed since that 14th of February, the day of his death, and the cult of San Valentine, the healer bishop of Terni, is still alive. He was born in AD and died on the scaffold, at almost one hundred years of age, in Venerated throughout the world as the saint of peace and love, proclaimed by the people as the protector of lovers, he is highly popular all over the world, from Japan to the United States, to Britain and even in Australia.

Furthermore, the English Anglicans and the Protestants of the United States were the first to proclaim him protector of lovers, and in countries where the anniversary of 14th February, made official in the last century, is particularly felt. Villa Valmarana ai nani - the story of Lajana Here the dwarfs, turned to stone by sorrow, keep a watch. As legend has it, they were the custodians of a young girl, herself deformed. The choice of the dwarfs was a pitiful expedient to make her believe that she was a beauty in a beautiful court, but all in vain.

One day, as she looked out of the window, she saw a splendid cavalier pass by, and was awe-struck by him. But she immediately became aware of her deformity and committed suicide in despair.

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Her faithful servants, turned to stone, through the sorrow for the death of the young girl, and today receive visitors high above from the walls of the Villa Valmarana. As we proceed toward the rotunda, we reach the Valletta del Silenzio much loved by Fogazzaro and still the destination of moonlit walks, whereas, if we go up toward the Sanctuary of Monte Berico we follow the gentle undulations of the Berici hills where lovers go - now in modern cars - in search of silence and solitude.

The castles of Romeo and Juliet This is not Shakespeare's Verona, but the village of Montecchio, and the pen of Luigi da Porto, who was a fore-runner in recounting a story we do not know where it took place, if it ever happened at all. However, the two manors which watch each other from the top of opposing hills, invite us to believe that the inspiration for the story of the unlucky young lovers came from here and that another Vicenza monument, Villa da Porto di Montorsothe property of the writer's family, had 'baptised' the work.

According to popular belief, Da Porto used to take refuge in the house of Borin the farmer, where these words were written on a tile in the corner room of the first floor: Luigi da Porto wrote the Romeo and Juliet story in this room.

Orgiano and the real story of "The Betrothed" This is the place, in the lower Vicenza area, which is the background to the trial of a young noble from the province, arrogant and violent, backed by a gang, which, together with the cousin lie in wait for the local young women, tormenting them and finally raping them.

The documents of the trial of this Paolo Orgiano, suggests some surprising analogies with Manzoni's story, to the point where the documents could be considered as that "faded manuscript" which Manzoni himself indicated as his source.

In fact, the novelist was extremely interested in the trial deeds, to which he often refers, and not only in the Betrothed. Fromfive hundred years after the first challenge, this match, using live chess pieces, involves about participants: almost the entire population of Marostica.

the village of bortignoni i, municipality of romano dezzelino (vi

On Bassano Bridge, there shall we hold hands and exchange a kiss of love We conclude the itinerary on the celebrated wooden bridge by Palladio and of the Alpini soldiers, which, for almost years, has gathered the secrets of lovers who, as the well known song says, exchange a kiss and a handkerchief here, as a pledge of love. Valentine situated in the via and Contrada of the same name. A Mass is usually celebrated on 14th February.

Since Brendola has feasted the patron saint of lovers. Peter XIII sec. Valentine which belongs t the Municipality.Pharmacies Data about the village of Costalunga. The village of Costalunga belongs to the municipality of Romano d'Ezzelinoin the province of Vicenzaregion Veneto. The village of Costalunga is 1,89 kilometers far from the same town of Romano d'Ezzelino to whom it belongs. For the province of Vicenza, to whom Costalunga belongs, on are reported 2, cases.

In the previos day there were 2, cases, thus having a variation of 1 casesi. Please follow this link for updated information on Covid including new cases and percentage changes for the whole of Italy, regions and individual provinces. The number in parentheses following each village name indicate the distance between the same village and the municipality of Romano d'Ezzelino. Data about population living in Costalunga In the village of Costalunga live fifty-eight people: thirty-one are males and twenty-seven are females.

There are twenty-six singles fifteen males and eleven females.

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There are twenty-one people married, and three people legally separed. There are also six divorced people and two widows and widowers. In Costalunga live one foreigners, one are males and zero are females. There are in Costalunga fifty-four people in school age, thirty are males and twenty-four females.

There are in Costalunga 26 people aged 15 years or more. There are 17 males aged 15 years or more, 16 are employed and 0 were previously employed but now are unemployed and seeking for a new job. There are 9 females aged 15 years or more, 9 are employed and 0 s were previously employed but now are unemployed and seeking for a new job.

Please find in what follows a table showing the number of families along with the number of people for each family. There are 29 famiglie living in Costalunga.

There are in Costalunga 49 buildings, but only 45 are used. Among the 43 buildings for residential use 34 were build using bricks of tuffs, 0 were built in concrete and 9 were built using other materials like steel, wood and so on. Among the 43 buildings for residential use 15 are in excellent condition, 26 are in good conditions, 2 are in mediocre conditions and 0 are in bad conditions.

the village of bortignoni i, municipality of romano dezzelino (vi

In the following three tables the buildings built for residential use in Costalunga are classified by building year, by floors number and by rooms number. Weather and weather forecast for the municipality of Romano d'Ezzelino, to whom Costalunga belongs.

Map and road map of Costalunga A selection of videos about Costalunga.

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